Our fundamentally simple work process combined with years of experience and knowledge, becomes our key to creating honest product that showcases the best of what Indonesia has to offer.

coconut fruit image

1. Expeller Plant

Raw Copra material are processed through the expeller plant which grinds and presses the Copra

coconut fruit image

2. Result: CCNO & Coconut Oil Cake

The resulting product from the expeller plant are Crude coconut oil which are pressed from ground copra, leaving behing coconut oil cakes.

coconut fruit image

3. Extraction Plant

The coconut oil cake are further processed in the extraction plant to press out even more crude coconut oil.

coconut fruit image

4. Result: CCNO & Copra Meal

Besides more crude coconut oil, the further processed coconut oil cake turns into copra meal which comes in powder or pellet form.

coconut fruit image

5. Refinery Plant

Crude coconut oil are refined and made purer in the refinery plant

coconut fruit image

6. Result: RBD CNO & CFAD

And finally through the refinery plant Crude coconut oil are filtered into high quality RBD coconut oil and its by product becomes coconut fatty acid destillate.