The Finest Coconut
Oil Indonesia Has To

Our 3 Work

Established in 2001 in Gresik, East Java. Sionchem Global Indo has always been dedicated towards manufacturing the best possible vegetable oil products. Our Drive has always been so simple, that is creating “HONEST AND GOOD” product. At Sionchem we aim to strive for excellence of delivering the best product available in the market.

Sourced right from the
heart of indonesia

Strategically located In East Java, Sionchem is only one and half hour apart from the Surabaya Sea Port. This position has enabled us to send our finished product and to receive the raw material with ease and speed. Our location is also famous for its perfect all year round climate and also well known for its rich soil therefore coconut trees can be grown in almost every corner of Indonesia. Hence we believe that our land can deliver better coconut from its healthy trees.

Excellence & profesionality
in Product handling

Sionchem has fused the old and the new. Combining well kept traditions and modern technology to bring out the best result of quality which is accepted by international standard. To maintain an international standard quality, we go further through lengths of research, implementing a strict quality control and product management. On top of it all the environment has always been our primary concern, therefore maintaining a responsible and efficient waste management system is obligatory for our manufacturing process.

Focused and Experienced,
a global standard

Our Focus is supported by over 100 employees and 30 experienced professionals in the industry of oil processing. as proof of excellence and quality Our product is assured by ISO and halal certification, a dedication to maintain our international standard. Years of experience has given us the knowledge to supply international export demands from Japan, Korea, Europe and many other international countries. We strive to not only provide you with the finest product but also the best service.